Item Creation

Creating an Item

The /Config/items path contains several .json files which can be used to configure the game items:

Items can be stored in different folders and are saved in the .json format. For example an arrow would be stored like so: /Config/items/arrow/arrow1.json.


Normal Hats

Creating a simple hat can be done like so:

    "itemid": "supercoolhat",
    "itemtype": "hat",
    "name": "Cool Helmet",
    "price": 3000,
    "description": "The coolest hat in the game!",
    "ani": "hatitem_jump",
    "hat": "avalonia_supercoolhat1.png"

Skilled Hats

Creating a hat with different requirements based on skills can be done like so:

    "itemid": "5ksparhat",
    "name": "5k Spar Hat",
    "ani": "hatitem_jump",
    "hat": "5ksparhat.gif",
    "price": 0,
    "minsparwins": 5000,
    "itemtype": "hat",
    "allowtrade": false,
    "description": "You've killed 5,000 enemies in spar. Not bad!"



Creating a single arrow item can be done so like this:

    "itemid": "arrow1",
    "name": "1 Arrow",
    "image": "bbuilder_icon_arrow1.png",
    "icon": "bbuilder_icon_arrow1.png",
    "price": 1,
    "itemtype": "arrow",
    "limitpickup": 1


Creating a single bomb item can be done so like this:

    "itemid": "bomb1",
    "name": "1 Bomb",
    "image": "bbuilder_icon_bomb1.png",
    "icon": "bbuilder_icon_bomb1.png",
    "price": 1,
    "itemtype": "bomb",
    "limitpickup": 1


Creating a simple melee can be done like so:

    "itemid": "server_excalibur",
    "name": "Excalibur Sword",
    "ani": "excalibur-idle",
    "image": "excalibur-icon.png",
    "weapon": "excalibur.png",
    "price": 50000,
    "itemtype": "weapon",
    "level": 1,
    "damage": 8,
    "description": "A basic sword, sharp but deadly. This sword comes from an ancient stone.",
    "weapontype": "sword",
    "freezetime": 245,
    "speed": 8,
    "atk": "excalibur-attack",
    "idle": "excalibur-idletest",
    "walk": "excalibur-walktest"


Creating a simple gun can be done like so:

    "itemid": "server_m4",
    "name": "M4",
    "itemtype": "weapon",
    "description": "The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsible stock.",
    "allowtrade": false,
    "price": 75000,
    "image": "bbuilder_m4-icon.gif",
    "weapon": "bbuilder_m4.png",
    "level": 1,
    "weapontype": "gun",
    "freezetime": 175,
    "firetime": 435,
    "autofire": false,
    "speed": 9,
    "spread": 0.3,
    "projectile": "m4",
    "projectilenr": 1,
    "clip": 12,
    "reloadtime": 420,
    "idle": "bbuilder_m4_idle",
    "walk": "bbuilder_m4_walk",
    "atk": "bbuilder_m4_fire",
    "reload": "bbuilder_m4_reload"



Creating a simple leaf item can be done like so:

    "itemid": "leaf",
    "name": "Leaf",
    "image": "server_leaf.png",
    "icon": "server_leaf.png",
    "price": 2,
    "sellprice": 1,
    "sellbundle": 1,
    "stackable": true,
    "stacklimit": 999999,
    "itemtype": "valuable",
    "description": "Leaf, typically found in the fall season."


Creating a simple mushroom item can be done like so:

    "itemid": "mushroom1",
    "name": "Pink Mushroom",
    "image": "bbuilder_mushroom1.png",
    "price": 10,
    "sellprice": 1,
    "sellbundle": 3,
    "stackable": true,
    "stacklimit": 100,
    "itemtype": "mushroom",
    "description": "Mushrooms which can be sold"


Wooden Chair

Creating a simple chair can be done like so:

    "itemid": "wooden_chair",
    "name": "Wooden Chair",
    "image": "server_chair-wooden.png",
    "price": 270,
    "stackable": true,
    "itemtype": "furniture",
    "description": "A chair made from the highest quality wood in Woodberry town."

Table with Item Price Requirement

Creating a table furniture item that requires someone to pay 250 wooden-logs (itemid) you can accomplish it like this:

    "itemid": "woodentable",
    "name": "Wooden Table",
    "image": "server_wooden-table1.png",
    "price": {
        "woodenlog": 250
    "stackable": true,
    "itemtype": "furniture",
    "description": "A table made from the highest quality wood in Woodberry town."

4 Directions

Use the rotateimages array to define 4 images, one for each direction. This can be used to make furniture rotatable, or to switch between 4 different graphics. Another way to make furniture rotatable is to use an animation (.bani file) and set "canrotate":true in the animation options. The default direction when placed is downwards (index 2), and then the rotation goes right(3), up(0), and finally left(1), and then repeats.


    "itemid": "rotatebed",
    "name": "Rotate Bed",
    "image": "bbuilder_bed01-down.png",
    "price": 120,
    "stackable": true,
    "itemtype": "furniture",
    "rotateimages": [
    "description": "A bed that can rotate using different images"

where the index of rotateimages array represents the direction.